Where to buy industrial furniture

Where to buy industrial furniture... You've decided you want to adorn your home with a gorgeous piece of industrial furniture, but where do you buy from? 

Hopefully we can give you some options in this post and not just direct you to our own sales page, which is here buy the way ;-) https://iconiqueuk.co.uk/collections/all

The great thing about buying industrial furniture is you can get direct to the hands that made it, even the bigger suppliers hand make their products so you really are supporting UK manufacturers rather than large industrial operations. 

When we started selling in January 2021 we first listed our shoe storage bench on Etsy.com Etsy is a great option for where to buy industrial furniture, you get direct to  the maker in most cases and there is a huge offering of products so you're likely to find something that really catches your eye. 

The thing with industrial furniture is it's often unique to our own tastes so it's worth looking around for the right piece and also for the right seller. 

Buying handmade furniture isn't like going to your local Ikea and picking up what you want, the furniture you want had to be made and often can be customised to your specific needs. 

Therefore there are several points that can cause delays and problems to the maker, to get that perfect piece of industrial handmade furniture you may have to be patient. 

We've made mistakes with lead times (being too optimistic) when starting out and taking on too many orders at once but we will always work to make our customers happy whatever it takes, we don't necessarily believe in guarantees we believe in customer satisfaction how ever long that takes - have an issue arise after 6 months or 1 year? just get in touch and we'll make it right. 

Take this shoe storage rack for instance, it was a custom order from our lovely customer, we hadn't made a 3 tier one before so it took a little longer to make than usual but we kept them informed along the way and delivered (if I do say so myself) an amazing piece of furniture that will last a lifetime. 

3 tier shoe storage rack industrial design

You want to be sure you are buying from a maker with the same attitude to customer service, sure they'll make mistakes but how hard to they to keep you happy and make it right? even after the sale? 

Another place we list and sell our furniture is Ebay.co.uk  although not set up to sell unique handmade furniture quite like Etsy is Ebay does have lots of listings and options from creators like ourselves and just like Etsy you are backed up by their systems and feedback from previous buyers. 

This Dining Table which was our first table order was sold on Ebay. 
industrial dining table and bench, pine with metal legs

Another option for where to buy industrial furniture is Facebook.com we sell quite a bit of our furniture on Facebook Marketplace but most creators have a facebook page like our one (another plug). 

Then you have several options for individual websites, like ours Iconique or another that does some really cool furniture is josefandrosco.com 

I hope you found this post useful, if it's helped you please leave us a comment below.