About Us

This journey started in the crazy summer of 2020 as a build of a garden table commissioned by the wife, I created an instagram account for my furniture creations mainly to get feedback and see what others thought of my items. 

I got a fair bit of positive feedback and even a comment asking how much the table would be, I had no idea at that point and hadn't really thought about selling my stuff but a little spark of an idea started to form. 

Work and family took over and nothing else was made until the autumn when the wife wanted something to store the endless pile of shoes in. 

So I designed and made the shoe storage bench, over Christmas I listed the bench on Etsy and Ebay just to see if I could sell it or even get interest in it. 

Within a week I'd sold the first bench, then another and another, so I put more effort in and made more products, I set up a small workshop on a local farm and that is basically how we ended up here. 

We're still small, growing and learning every day, the goal is to be able to work full time on this, from my workshop a mile from home and be able to pick the kids up from school and be home every night. We're very close to that reality. 

After that we want to create furniture that is really well built, loved by our customers and stands the test of time. 

But you'll be the judge of that.