Rustic Industrial Furniture

Currently we can't get enough of Rustic Industrial Furniture in our homes, not only does the sturdy design combining wood and metal look great but with a lot of the wood used being reclaimed it's also Environmentally Friendly. 

Rustic Industrial Furniture has a timeless rugged look about it, most pieces will age very well, being made from Metal and Wood they are strong and will stand up to abuse from busy families. 

A lot of the Furniture pieces we are making for our customers are currently combining reclaimed wood and Powder Coated metal frames like this Welly Boot Storage Rack 

Welly Boot Storage

Environmentally Friendly 

The wood on this piece has already had a life as a busy scaffold board on building sites, once it couldn't be used for that purpose ordinarily it would of been discarded, either burn't or sent to landfill. 

Re-purposing this wood gives it a new lease of life, stops the Environmental damage and because it's already had a life used and abused and open to the elements the natural Patina it's collected along it's journey can be used and brought out with some natural oils to give it an amazing look that is Unique. 

This piece of Rustic Industrial Furniture will last a lifetime and could even be passed down to future generations!

Along the way it will of picked up some more patina and stories, a quick paint or powder coating and it will be as good as the day we made it. 

I think this is a much better way of adorning our homes with amazing items of furniture, focal points and conversation starters than the bland, flimsy mass produced furniture we've been filling our homes and soon after landfill sites with for the last too many years. 

Rustic Industrial Furniture

Sustainable Future

The movement towards more sustainable furniture, way living and items in our homes has (I like to think) moved us back to a society where you can buy from local sellers and tradespeople much like we have done for hundreds or thousands of years. 

We get to choose who makes our Rustic Industrial Furniture and in doing so support local communities in a much better more organic way, putting food on the Chunky Rustic Tables of the Craftsmen and Women that make this furniture. 

By buying our furniture from independent craftsmen and women we are also supporting the grass root of the furniture industry, these people will often invest in future generations and pass down their skills, ethics and attention to detail to the next generation of independent craft people. 

Customer Service

The concerns of the artisans that make our Rustic Industrial Furniture are not about shareholder value, driving profits and beating competition. Often they worry about how to improve the service and value they give to their customers. 

Personally I've driven half way across the country to deliver 1 table, when it makes no economical sense to do so, just because it was the right thing to do to keep the customer happy after delays. 

I've also re-made furniture after damage occurred during shipping and spent countless hours talking to customers to ensure we make them the right piece of furniture, that we're on the same page and they're blown away by the result. 

I like to call this "aggressive customer service" and whole heartedly believe that the more you put in the more you get out, happy customers are going to drive our business forward in the next few years. 

Another thing to note about buying your Handmade Rustic Industrial Furniture from the smaller craftsmen and women is competition is less fierce, we don't hate our "competitors" we will often talk to them and give them advice from our experience helping them to grow. 

Because we are all selling unique items in a unique way the choice is down to the customer, if the customer falls in love with our shoe bench over an offering from another artisan, they will buy from us and vice versa. 

This blog post has turned into a "case for Handmade Rustic Industrial Furniture" but I truly believe that if we as a society can move to supporting smaller artisans we can get that investment put back into our local communities and move to a more sustainable way of living. 

Rustic Industrial Kitchen Table