This week in the Furniture workshop 23rd June 2021

This week we delivered the waste station we've been working on for a few weeks, this was a custom designed unit incorporating a waste chute so that waste from clearing tables in the busy cafe could be cleanly disposed of into a bin without having the bin in full sight looking ugly! 

Waste Disposal unit, for Norwich Cafe

It was a bit tricky to make as it was going into an alcove in an old building with no straight walls in sight (we spoke about this in a previous post) 

Another custom job was this Garden table, requested by our customer to be 1.5m x 1.5m which is a sizeable area. We designed a custom frame to sit it on and it's looking pretty good, delivery wasn't so easy it was a real pain to get in the van with the other table and when arriving at the customers house the heavens opened and I got absolutely soaked! 

Scaffold board garden table metal frame

the customer was more than happy with her new garden table though which made the soaking almost worth it! 

While talking to this customer about the order, she made an off hand comment about the table "absolutely needing a bottle opener" I gave this some thought and had a go at making one, 
The result was pretty good, I may make some more of these! 

Industrial bottle opener



After a long while on the "must get round to" list we finally designed and made a prototype X Frame Table. This will be added to the shop shortly.

X Leg Industrial table frame

Unfortunately we also had to scrap a table top that wasn't up to our usual high standards, rather than send this out to the customer and not be happy with it and worse risk the customer not being happy with it we took the decision to start again! 

One of the problems with this table was sourcing materials, it's been so difficult to get a good supply of good wood, unfortunately we had to use what we could get and it just didn't work out. 

Another job completed this week was this Industrial style side table, this was sold to an old Neighbour so really nice to have her love what we are doing and purchase something from us. 

Some other items finished and going out this week are these shoe bench's, one finished with a reclaimed floorboard top and the other in are trademark Honey Scaffold finish. 

Shoe Storage Bench with Reclaimed floorboard top

Shoe storage bench with scaffold board top