This week at the Furniture workshop June 11 2021

A busy week this week, I guess they all are but some are more manic than others. 
We've had a lot of orders come to the point of completion, 

Table frames from the powder coaters, 
Halt in production of shoe bench batch due to material shortages from the metal suppliers!

Powder coated garden table frames

More supply chain problems getting wood, I think we're at the point we need to be buying more wood in direct from the importers, currently we're going to third parties but they can't supply us enough wood, they are also struggling to deliver in an adequate timeframe and they also seem to expect us to buy the cast offs, bent, damaged and frankly no good wood! 

I might be wrong but how I see it, they have paid a cheaper price for a larger quantity that takes in to account the wastage in the wood. I don't want to be paying top price for seconds and even third rate wood. 

In our continued endeavours to find sustainable and where possible reclaimed timber we have purchased a reasonable amount from a barn demolition in a local town, this comes warts and all with screws and nails still in and requires quite a bit of work to get ship shape and table ready but will look great when finished.

Reclaimed wood for industrial tables 

There's more time involved in this for sure but it really is good to be re-using timber that has already had a life, it also looks fantastic once finished. 

the other thing with using reclaimed wood is that it's so much better than what we're buying new, even premium grades are no where near as dense and heavy as the stuff they where building barns with 50 years ago. 

I guess it shows that mass production is even hurting wood! 

Another of the jobs we've completed this week is this Oak top Shoe Storage Bench, we're doing more and more of these with an Oak top so really should add it as a standard option in the shop. 

They look great in Oak, I'm planning to do a shoe bench with a live edge top as well - this should look amazing especially if I can source some Burr Oak or Elm. Luckily there's a really good wood yard locally that has these in stock 

Oak Top Industrial Shoe Storage Bench