Handmade Industrial Furniture, made with love in Norfolk

Our handmade industrial furniture is predominantly made combining metal frames with solid wood, often reclaimed such as our hugely popular Shoe Storage Bench, which has a metal frame and reclaimed scaffold board top giving it a distinctive rustic, industrial look. 

All of our Handmade Industrial Furniture starts out it's life as raw materials in our workshop, we cut the steel and weld it together using either a Mig or Tig welder each have their uses. 

Often the frames are then sent to the powder coaters for a thick coat of really durable paint that will stand up to quite a bit of abuse. 

For a more industrial look we sometimes go for a clear lacquer to leave the welds showing or with the welds ground flat, depending on what the piece in question and the customer requires. 

Weld on industrial furniture

The wood we use in our furniture is solid, we never use laminated particle board and other cheaper solutions that the mass production industry favours, our furniture is real and will stand the test of time. 

Quite often the wood we use is reclaimed but it's always gorgeous such as this Live Edge Oak section that is in the process of being turned into a unique bespoke coffee table.

Live edge Oak Board 

Industrial Handmade Furniture can some in many forms, such as shelving units or books shelves, Dining tables, bench's and more can be made using industrial style. 

Because it's made using steel that is welded together it will last unlike it's mass produced counterparts. 

When you buy handmade industrial furniture you often are buying from the craftsmen and women that have made your new furniture, they will of added their style to it and often it will be unique especially if the wood used is reclaimed or unique such as live edge furniture or epoxy river tables and bench's. 

You are also investing in that craftsmen or women and helping a small local business survive, which in turn feeds families and helps other local businesses.

Because we make all of our furniture by hand ourselves and to order we can control the quality of finish and can accommodate specific requirements and custom orders.